5 Things to Say Instead of the Word ”Blind”.


I’ve written and erased this post a few different times in order to avoid sounding like I am defensive or giving a stern lecture. Over the years I've had to develop a tough shell, one that prevents me from getting hurt or upset every time someone misuses the word blind or uses it in a senseless way.

At this point in my diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa, I still find myself upset almost daily. Not necessarily about my personal vision loss, but the constant reminder people give me when I am out in the world.

Why I am writing this isn't to tell you that my life is hard or to make people feel bad for me. I am writing this to bring awareness to the public.

How often do you hear the phrase, ”I'm so blind!” or ”What, are you blind?”. What about ”He/she must be blind” because they fail to notice/see something. You probably don't even notice these, as most people are not even remotely thinking about vision loss.

I hear these phrases almost every day.

Now, for a moment let's just change up those common phrases.
What if on a daily basis you heard or said...

”What, are you retarded?” ”He/she must be retarded” or ”Wow, you're so gay”


What makes blind ok to use in those phrases?

Why do people not even bat an eye about something that affects millions of people daily?

You can change societies views on blind and visual impairments. Not all blindness is seen on the outside. You never know who you are talking to or what disability or illness they are living with.

Next time you want to use the word blind (not in reference to n actual person who is blind) take a moment and choose a word that is similar.

Xx Blind Babe


5 Things to Say Instead of Blind

• I can't see that

• it's too dark, I can't see it 

• Could you make that bigger? 

• Wow, you're silly/crazy (whatever fits the situation)

• They have low vision/are partially sighted





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